NYCHA has invited partner experts in the New York City area to review submissions and determine which solutions should advance to a more detailed level of review. Experts will represent organizations such as Consolidated Edison (ConEd), New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability. Once this determination is made, NYCHA will reach out to those respondents and request technical specifications for the solution proposed. Details regarding how the technical specifications should be submitted including the type of information to include, format, and length will be shared along with that request.

Upon receiving technical specifications from submissions of interest, NYCHA’s internal technical experts will review submissions and select the solution (s) they would like to pilot.

Submissions will be measured against their ability to:

Implementation Process

  1. The Evaluation Panel will select submissions to advance into final review and request technical specifications from finalists.
  2. NYCHA will select one or more solutions to be installed as a pilot project at one of the 16 developments and/or in one or more units.
  3. NYCHA and the Proposer(s) will sign a license agreement stipulating the terms of this installation.
  4. The Proposer(s) will install its solution at its own expense to demonstrate the benefits of the solution.
  5. In coordination with the Proposer(s), NYCHA will develop an evaluation criteria and review process to evaluate and provide feedback on the pilot’s operation, which can be used by the Proposer(s) in future case studies or reporting.
  6. Shall the evaluation prove the financial benefits of the solution, NYCHA may release an open procurement process to deploy the technology.

Evaluation Committee

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Robert Knapp

Director of Heating Management Services Department
New York City Housing Authority
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Bomee Jung

Vice President Energy and Sustainability
New York City Housing Authority
Generic placeholder image

Rudolph David

Managing Electrical Engineer
New York City Housing Authority
Generic placeholder image

Armand Agasian

New Business Manager, Steam Operations
Con Edison
Generic placeholder image

John Lee

Deputy Director for green buildings and energy efficiency
New York City Mayor's Office of Sustainability
Generic placeholder image

Donovan Gordon

Director, renewable heating and cooling
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
Generic placeholder image

F.L. Andrew Padian

Padian NYC Consulting
Generic placeholder image

Laurie Kerr

Policy Director
U.S. Green Building Council of New York

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