FHV Trip Records

To improve safety, accountability, and policymaking, the TLC now requires all FHV bases to electronically submit their trip records. The purpose of this webpage is to provide bases with the information they need in order to submit trip records to the TLC. A number of reference guides are provided, including detailed instructions about what information is being collected, how to comply, and resources available for bases to learn more about this process.

TLC passed rules to prevent fatigued driving (see Driver Fatigue) that will require the submission of drop-off data.


Trip Record Submission Deadlines

Trip records for the current month are due to the TLC at the end of the following month. If a base submits their trip records in the first 14 days of that the month, they can get an email notification if their records were rejected and have another opportunity to resubmit by the end of that same month. The email will only be sent to the valid email the TLC has for that base. If you need to change your email contact Licensing Department at businessunit@tlc.nyc.gov

For example:

  • September Trip Records will be due October 31st
  • October Trip Records will be due November 30th and so on

If your base receives information on a trip after submitting records for that month, you must include that trip in the next trip record file. For more information email triprecords@tlc.nyc.gov.

CSV Specifications

IMPORTANT: Effective February 28, 2021, all TLC-licensed bases must submit trip records using the CSV format. Files submitted in the Excel format will not be accepted. Bases entering data in Excel files should “Save As” those files as .csv files.

Read CSV Instruction Guide (PDF)— Detailed explanation of general file requirements for submitting CSV files to the TLC.

Bases submitting CSV files must follow the exact specifications described in the CSV Instruction Guide above and should use the specifications provided below.

As outlined in the CSV instruction guide, bases must identify the driver and the vehicle that serviced each trip by including the driver and vehicle TLC license numbers in the main trip record file.

Please note that bases are no longer allowed to include the base’s internal IDs for drivers and vehicles.

Files are comma-delimited and use double quotations as escape characters. For more information about the required format for trip records submitted as CSV, please use the references below. Bases submitting CSV file(s) must submit via SFTP (visit Upload Process Options below).

CSV Trip Record File

Download Trip Record CSV Spec (csv) – Main trip record specification. Files are comma-delimited and use double quotations as escape characters.
File naming convention: baselicense_yyyymmdd-yyyymmdd.csv

Example: Download Trip Record CSV Example (xls)

Shared Ride Specifications

Bases are no longer required to submit an additional document for their shared rides. All bases that provide shared rides must include these rides in the Main Trip Record spreadsheet. For more information, visit the CSV Trip Records Specifications.

Upload Process

Bases can submit trip records by directly uploading files to the TLC. Bases who submit additional trip record files during this submission period using TLC UP or FTP, TLC will only process the last file submitted. Bases may not send trip records by mail, e-mail, or any method other than the following described here:

TLC UP: Bases can upload their trip records through TLC UP. On instruction on what is TLC UP and using the service, visit TLC Up.

FTP: Bases can use submit their trip records using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client. All bases are required to submit their trip records using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client, effective March 2017. Bases that submitted trip records previously using the FireFTP method will no longer be able to do so if their Mozilla Firefox Web Browser has been updated to Firefox Quantum. Bases that have updated their browser to Firefox Quantum will need to utilize alternative FTP clients to submit their trip records, effective November 2017. There are a number of free FTP clients available for download online, including Core FTP, FileZilla and others. When using a FTP client, bases will use the same username and password that they use for scheduling vehicle appointments.

Trip Records Submission Email Notification: Once bases have submitted their trip records with the proper file format name: baselicense_yyyymmdd-yyyymmdd. They will receive an email notifying them that the TLC has received their trip records. The email will only be sent to the valid email the TLC has for that base. If you need to change your email contact Licensing Department at businessunit@tlc.nyc.gov.

If a base submits their trip records files within the first 14 days of the month they are due, they will receive an email notifying them if part or all their trip records have been rejected without penalty. However, they will have until the end of the same month to resubmit the corrected trip records.

Electronic Affidavit Process

Beginning June 30, 2015, when bases submit their trip records, they must also submit an affidavit electronically to the TLC that verifies that they have either:

  1. Submitted a true and accurate trip record report; or
  2. That the base didn’t dispatch any trips during the reporting period.
How to Electronically Sign and Submit the Required Affidavit
  1. Visit TLC Trip Record Affidavit
  2. Click “Get Started,” and you will be taken to the form you must fill out and sign.
  3. Fill in the information required in the 9 Blue Boxes including:
    1. Date
    2. Base Name
    3. Base Address
    4. Base Number
    5. Reporting Period Start Date – (MM/DD/YYYY)
    6. Reporting Period End Date – (MM//DD/YYYY)
    7. Check if you sent us either an accurate Trip Record report, or your base had no dispatched trips during the reporting period
  4. Signature: when you click “Signature,” the following box will appear:
  5. Click on the top tab that says, “Draw” and use your mouse to sign your name
  6. Click “Add”
  7. Click the box that “Full Name” and print your name there
  8. Click “Done” on the upper right corner
FOIL Requests and Public Disclosure

The TLC takes its fiduciary responsibility seriously as the guardian of all the data it collects. TLC will maintain these records, and disclose these records pursuant to the Freedom of Information Law, in the same careful and considered manner it currently maintains and discloses the numerous other types of sensitive records it currently collects. .

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