Do the New York Twist!

    Do the New York Twist! Buckle up when you step in. Watch for bikes when you step out. One simple move can help eliminate "dooring" and save lives!

Charged Up!
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    Charged Up! provides an electrification blueprint as the industry embarks on the conversion of over 100,000 vehicles to all electric. This includes short-term actionable items for TLC that are beginning now and soon, as well as long-term policy levers and initiatives to be more closely examined and evaluated before implementation.

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    The TLC Owner/Driver Resource Center is a space where Licensees may seek free financial counseling, legal services and other resources, including the Medallion Relief Program and Loan Guaranty Program (MRP+) which provide debt relief for those with five or fewer medallions. These programs provide free legal representation to help medallion owners negotiate with lenders to reduce loan balances and lower monthly payments.

MRP Closing Week
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    The Taxi Medallion Relief Program provides debt relief for financially distressed medallion owners. To get started, connect with the Owner/Driver Resource Center by emailing, calling 718-391-5713, or stopping by the center. If you already completed a legal service appointment and need to be reconnected with your attorney, please email

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