Filing a Complaint with the TLC

If you have a negative experience with a TLC-licensed driver or vehicle, there are two ways to file a complaint:
  • Call 311 (outside of New York City call 212-NEW-YORK)
  • Go to 311online

Types of Complaints

The Complaint Process

Once your complaint is received, you will be contacted by one of our prosecutors who will investigate your complaint.

If your complaint involves the breaking our rules and regulations we will send the accused a notice that they have violated our rules. This notice will give the driver or owner of the vehicle an opportunity to plead guilty to an appropriate charge. 

In the event that the accused does not plead guilty, they are entitled by law to a fair hearing where they can defend themselves against any charges.  TLC will set up this hearing at the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings.  You may testify at the hearing by phone or in person.

Learn more visit the Consumer Complainant Hearing Guide.

Disability Service Facilitator

Visit the TLC’s Disability Service Facilitator if you have accessibility-related questions about TLC facilities or agency practices, need to request reasonable accommodations for a Commission hearing or other TLC meeting, or believe you have not received an appropriate response from the agency regarding an accessibility-related issue after you have filed a 311 complaint.

Relay or TDD Service at Hearing

If you require Relay or TDD service let us know when you return your Confirmation Letter.

Complaints Related to Broken or Missing Equipment

If your complaint is about broken or missing equipment, you will not need to attend a hearing. The TLC is able to investigate and inspect vehicles if necessary.

Vehicle Insurance Information

If you were in an accident with a TLC-licensed vehicle, you can request insurance information about that vehicle directly from their insurer.  You will need to know the license plate number of the car. You do not need to request a hearing to process insurance claims.

Request vehicle insurance records from the TLC in Vehicle Insurance Information.