About the Tax Commission

The Tax Commission is the City of New York's forum for independent administrative review of annual real property tax assessments set by the NYC Department of Finance. The Tax Commission is a separate agency independent of the Department of Finance.

The Tax Commission comprises a president and six Commissioners appointed by the Mayor, with advice and consent of the City Council, to staggered six-year terms.  As the head of the agency, the President serves full-time; the six Commissioners serve part-time.  Each member of the Commission must have at least three years of business experience in real estate or real estate law. The Commission must include at least one resident of each borough.

In accordance with New York State and local law, the Tax Commission reviews and determines annual applications for correction of assessment that the applicants claim are incorrectly assessed or improperly denied an exemption from real property tax.

The Tax Commission can review the following claims: 1) the property is assessed in the wrong tax class under the four-class system; 2) the property assessment is too high, including claims that the property did not receive all or a portion of a tax exemption; 3) inequality, i.e., the property’s assessed value is set at a higher proportion of market value than that applied to all other properties in the same tax class; and 4) unlawfulness, including claims that the property did not receive a full exemption or the property otherwise was not subject to assessment by the Department of Finance.  The RPT rates set by the City Council are not subject to Tax Commission review.

If you are seeking an adjustment of your property's estimated market value or changes in descriptive data, such as the age or size of your property or if you have questions about tax bills, tax abatements, tax liens, tax amnesty, tax payments, interest on delinquent taxes, the real property tax assessment process or any other taxes, contact the Department of Finance, contact the Department of Finance.

If you are considering filing an application with the Tax Commission, click here and read Form TC600, which contains detailed information about the forms to be filed, the information that must be included and the deadlines for filing your application. Form TC600 is available by clicking here

Read the Tax Commission's Annual Report for further information on the annual assessment and review process and the agency's mission, functions, and operations.