Dialog bubble that includes the word Read

Reading aloud is a great way to share words and bond with your child. Children who hear a lot of words in the first few years are more likely to develop larger vocabularies and become better readers.

Try these reading tips:

  • Start reading to your baby from birth.

  • Sturdy, board books are a good choice for babies. They're less likely to fall apart when being handled (or chewed) by your baby.

  • Read simple books. In the first few months, choose books with large pictures and bright colors.

  • Talk about the pictures. For example, if there's a picture of a dog, talk about a dog you know.

  • It's okay if your baby grows restless while reading. Try again later.

  • Any time can be story time – at bedtime, on the subway or on the bus.

  • Share favorite books again and again. Young children like repetition – and it helps them understand and learn.

  • Reading books is a great way to involve others – grandparents, aunts and uncles, and older siblings.

  • Join your local library. It's free! You can borrow books and participate in library programs.  To find your local branch, call 311 or search online.

  • Have a good time while reading. Your baby can learn from you that books are fun.