HeARTwork Against Hate Contest

HeARTwork Against Hate Contest

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The HeARTwork Against Hate is a creative initiative for New York City youth launched by the Office for the Prevention of Hate Crimes in September 2020. The goal is to create a campaign that promotes positive messaging, focused on respect and unity. This project will support the emotional well-being of our students by creating a platform that helps them process their feelings and increases their self-esteem through artistic expression. Their creativity will impact and inspire adults. Originally inspired by OCA-NY Asian Pacific American Advocates' annual Hate Crime Prevention Art Project, HeARTwork Against Hate provides another opportunity and platform for young New Yorkers to use artistic expression as an outlet.

All New Yorkers have a role in showing respect and standing up for others. Through HeARTwork Against Hate, the City's youth can take a stand against all forms of bias, discrimination, and hate and use their creativity to communicate the positive values that make NYC great.


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