Interagency Committee on Hate Crimes

Interagency Committee on Hate Crimes

The Office for the Prevention of Hate Crimes is tasked with advising the Mayor in planning and implementing interagency coordination on hate crimes as it relates to prevention, awareness, investigation and prosecution, and impact on communities, as well as creating and implementing a coordinated system for how the City responds to hate crimes.

The Interagency Committee includes partners from city agencies and the five District Attorneys' offices. The committee breaks down silos and fosters ongoing communications; shares best practices on hate crime prevention and response; collectively analyzes data on hate crimes; and makes recommendations on improving hate crime prevention and response.

As of September 2021, participants in the Interagency Committee on Hate Crimes include:

Interagency Committee members also convene in Working Groups to share expertise and address short and long-term strategies on hate crime prevention through:

  • Education
  • Neighborhood Safety & Community Relations
  • Victim Support
  • Restorative Justice Programs
  • Strategies to Enhance Incident Reporting