Small Business First

Better Government, Stronger Businesses

In the Plan

    Small Business First will reduce the burden of regulation on small businesses

    Our 30 initiatives will help small businesses save time, money, and frustration

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Providing clear information with coordinated services

In the Plan

    An online portal and a one-stop center will allow businesses to easily access resources and conduct transactions

    Client managers will help support businesses through the City's regulatory process

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Promoting education and compliance

In the Plan

    Before an inspection, Small Business Compliance Advisors can walk through a business to offer advice

    We will be proactive in providing information and education to businesses needing support


Reducing the burden of complex regulations and fines

In the Plan

    We will streamline agency processes to save businesses time and money

    We will consolidate and eliminate outdated or overlapping licenses, permits, and rules

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Ensuring equal access for all business owners

In the Plan

    The City will train community groups to assist local businesses

    We will increase the availability of interpretation services and translated materials

About Small Business First

Small Business First is about changing the way the City of New York interacts with small business owners and reducing the burden of regulation on small businesses.

We have listened to small businesses in all five boroughs and brought together 15 City agencies to create 30 initiatives to make New York an easier city for a small business to open, operate, and thrive. These changes will help save businesses time and money, reduce the amount of regulatory steps businesses have to go through, and increase compliance.

For small business owners, this means:

  • One online space to create an account and find the applications, permits, and information that relates specifically to your business.
  • Personal contacts in City government that can help businesses navigate multiple steps of a process, or provide a pre-inspection walkthrough to help businesses comply before they receive a fine or violation.
  • One place where the majority of fines and violations can be settled all at once, as well as online.
  • Resources available in multiple languages.


De Blasio Administration Announces 'Small Business First' To Reduce Regulatory Burden On City's Small Businesses
February 17, 2015
Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced Small Business First, a comprehensive plan to reduce the regulatory burden on small businesses in New York City. Small Business First will simplify the regulatory landscape many small businesses confront in the establishment and ongoing operation of their businesses by improving communication between business owners and City government[...]