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    Half of NYC's small businesses are immigrant-owned.

    This June, celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month by supporting & sharing language resources with your local immigrant-owned businesses! 



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    SBS and Mastercard are expanding our Digital Doors Partnership to raise awareness of cyber security protection for small businesses.

    Learn how to protect your business from cyberattacks for free on Monday, 5/15, or Thursday, 5/25.


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    The expansion of NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection’s one-on-one financial counseling services at SBS’s five main Workforce1 Career Center hubs in each borough will provide a one-stop-shop for New Yorkers to access free, professional, and confidential financial counseling, along with job readiness services and connections to workforce development training.

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    The dedicated NYC BEST team will serve as a single point of contact between City agencies and small businesses operating in the five boroughs. The initiative aims to save small businesses time and money by streamlining the many interactions required with City agencies and providing key advice to help business owners expedite permit and licensing processes and resolve or avoid fines and violations.

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    Here at SBS, we pride ourselves on creating a dynamic work environment where employees are given opportunities to grow professionally and advance in their fields. We are looking for highly motivated and well-organized individuals to join us in making a difference for the City's workforce, small businesses, neighborhoods, and economic recovery.

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