Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani (1994 - 2001)

Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani (1994-2001)

The Mayor of the City of New York, as the City's Chief Executive Officer, has the authority to issue orders to executive branch agencies, offices, divisions, and bureaus. Generally, these orders concern the implementation of laws and/or mayoral policies. Please note that executive orders may be amended, modified, or repealed by subsequent orders.

1 1/1/1994 Continuation of Prior Executive Orders
2 1/1/1994 Deputy Mayors
3 1/11/1994 Health Services Administrator  
4 4/4/1994 Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Appointments
5 4/7/1994 New York City Empowerment Zone
6 4/8/1994 Commission for the United Nations and for the Consular Corps. 
7 4/12/1994 Special Counsel to the Mayor for the Fiscal Oversight of Education.
8 4/26/1994 Mayor’s Commission to Combat Family Violence
9 6/17/1994 Amendment of EO #16 of 1990, Relating to the Office of Contracts, and of Executive Order No 2, Dated January 1, 1994, Relating to Deputy Mayors
10 7/20/1994 Mayors Advisory Committee on the Judiciary 
11 7/26/1994 Amendment of EO #16 of 1990, Relating to the Office of Contracts
12 8/10/1994 Delegation of Authority to Deputy Mayor for Finance and Economic Development with respect to certain actions relating to Business improvement Districts
13 9/9/1994 Transfer of functions of New York City Housing Authority Police Department to New York City Police Department, Consistent with the terms and conditions of a memorandum of understanding
14 10/25/1994 Termination of contract with the Legal Aid Society for Representation of Indigent Defendants
15 10/28/1994 Transfer of functions of certain clinical programs of the New York City Department of Health to the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, consistent with the terms and conditions of agreements
16 12/27/1994 EO #16 Amendment to EO #2 of 1994, relating to deputy mayors dated 12/27/94
17 1/3/1995 EO #17 Amendment of EO #2 of 1994, relating to Deputy Mayors dated 01/03/95.
18 2/27/1995 Establishment of Commission to Combat Police Corruption  
19 3/10/1995 Transfer of functions of New York City transit authority police department to New York City Police Department, consistent with the terms and conditions of a memorandum of understanding
20 3/23/1995 Health Services Administrator.
21 3/24/1995 Implementation of local solid waste Management plan projects
22 4/13/1995 Sidewalk Corner Clearances
23 6/10/1995 Mayor’s Investigatory Commission On School Safety
24 7/11/1995 Mayor’s Anti-Graffiti Task Force
25 8/23/1995 Designation of the responsible agency for franchises to be awarded pursuant to the city charter
26 1/11/1996 Establish of the position of commissioner of children’s services and special adviser to the Mayor; Amendment of executive order No. 82 dated April 26, 1985
27 2/26/1996 Transfer of ambulance and pre-hospital Emergency medical service functions from the emergency medical service of the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation to the Fire Department of the City of New York consistent with the terms and conditions of a memorandum of understanding
28 3/14/1996 Mayor’s Commission on Youth Employment Services 
29 3/14/1996 Designation of fire department as the as the agency responsible for the filing of certificates of expenses relating to costs incurred by the department in responding to emergencies involving the release or thereat of release of Hazardous substances into the environment
30 3/19/1996 Establishment of Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management
31 9/3/1996 Deputy Mayors
32 9/6/1996 Mayor’s Task Force on Insurance rates to New Yorkers
33 10/11/1996 Agency Internal Audit Functions. 
34 12/6/1996 Supervision and management of child 
35 7/10/1997 The Commission for the United Nations, The Consular Corps and Protocol 
36 7/10/1997 The office of special projects and 
37 7/28/1997 Acquisition of property to protect the Water Supply.  
38 8/20/1997 Relating to the Citywide Occupational Safety and Health Program
39 9/9/1997 Reporting of new addresses, streets, and other locations to emergency responses agencies
40 10/21/1997 Notification and processing of civilian complaints
41 6/6/1998 Mayor’s advisory task force on the City University of New York
42 7/7/1998 Department of Homeless Services.
43 10/6/1998 Establishment of the City of New York Technology steering committee. 
44 12/17/1998 Transfer of the Division of school safety of the Board of Education to the New York City Police Department consistent with terms and conditions of a memorandum of understanding.
45 12/29/1998 Establishment of the office for the Millennium.
46 5/27/1999 Amendment of Executive order no. 31 dated August 29, Relating to Deputy Mayors.
47 12/14/1999 Proclamation of a State of Emergency
48 2/22/2000 Agency Internal Audit Functions
49 7/7/2000 Establishment of Transit Program
50 11/1/2000 Establishment of Charter School Improvement Fund Committee
51 8/29/2001 Establishment of the Office of Health Insurance Access
52 10/9/2001 Restrictions Upon Agency Expense Budget Administration
53 11/21/2001 Commissioner For the United Nations The Consular Corps and Protocol