Community Board 11 has 21 standing committees and four zoning committees. Board Committees research and review matters that are brought before the Board at its monthly meetings for action.

The Community Board is mandated by the NYC Charter to hold Public Hearings regarding variance and land use matters. The relevant zoning committee meets with the applicant, prior to a public hearing, to review an application and then present their recommendation to the full board. The full board votes on the recommendation which is sent to the NYC Board of Standards and Appeals, in the cases of zoning variances or to the Department of City Planning, in the cases of rezoning or land acquisitions by the City.  All board members are assigned to a zoning committee based on where they live in the district.

The Charter also mandates the inclusion of the Community Board in the City budget. The Capital and Expense Budget Committee annually reviews and recommends proposals presented to the Mayor for City funding in our district. See our “Statement of Needs” and “Capital and Expense Budget Requests” link.

Other committees relate to particular City agencies or subject matters and are formed based on the needs of the district. The assignments are voluntary and appointments are also made by the Board Chair. Community residents, who are not board members, may also request to sit on a committee. Committees generate reports based on their findings and bring this information to the Board for review. Resolutions may be presented to the Board for approval and then given to the appropriate agency and/or elected officials for action.

View our Motions and Resolutions page and Committee Report page for our recent postings.