Zoning for Flood Resiliency Update

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We’d like to hear your experiences with living, working, or owning property in the floodplain. Please submit your story below:

  • Have you and your neighbors encountered any issues or regulatory barriers when doing construction work in the floodplain? Have zoning rules made it difficult to make flood resiliency investments?
  • What would you like to see improved about recent construction in the floodplain? Do you have ideas for how buildings could be made flood resistant in ways that meet the needs of your neighborhood?
  • As buildings in the floodplain are modified to meet federal standards, how do you envision the future of your neighborhood and how can zoning rules ensure a vibrant public realm?

Use our feedback form to sign up for project updates and upcoming events, or to share your ideas. You can also e-mail us at ResilientNeighborhoods@planning.nyc.gov.

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