Population Data

The data on this page include population statistics as well as detailed social, economic and housing information about New York City and its communities. Some may already be familiar to you, such as the once-a-decade census and the American Community Survey. They cover a range of geographies, demographic profiles (such as age and sex), socioeconomic profiles (such as education and income) and more.

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2020 Census

2020 Census data on age, race, Hispanic origin, housing occupancy, and household size

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American Community Survey

Annual demographic, housing, social, and economic data. For precise maps, please use the Map Reliability Calculator

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New York City Population FactFinder

Decennial and ACS data for user defined and for selected statistical geographies

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2010 Census & Earlier

Demographic and housing data for residents and households in 2010 and earlier

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Population Estimates

Latest population estimates for the city and boroughs, and annual components of population change (births, deaths, and migration), 2020 to 2021

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New York City Population Projections

Latest projected population by age and sex to 2040 for the city and boroughs