Census Information and Data - Census 2000

Data from the 2000 Census offer detailed information on New York City, enabling users to paint statistical portraits in a number of ways. Information is presented in the following sections:

Profiles of Census characteristics provide a large number of data items for various geographic areas. For example, the Socioeconomic Profiles provide six pages of characteristics that include high school graduates, median family income, and percent below poverty, as part of a profile that is displayed separately for each Community District.

Tables of Census characteristics provide detailed data on all income categories for persons in all 59 Community Districts is presented in a single table" to "detailed data on all income categories for persons in all 59 Community Districts are presented in a single table.

Maps of selected Census characteristics provide information on the distribution of a specific characteristic. For example, the number of children below the poverty line is mapped for all 2,217 census tracts in New York City.

Geographic notes providing essential information for effective use of the data.

Analytical Reports providing more in-depth review of selected Census subjects

New York City Population FactFinder is an interactive application where data users can create online profiles for their own customized geographic study areas.

Links to the U. S. Census Bureau for the definition of Census terms, 2000 Census questionnaires and other items.