New York City Population

Decennial Census
2010 content limited to tables, maps, and reports on basic demographic & housing characteristics; more extensive data from earlier decades
American Community Survey
This nationwide survey provides annual estimates of the city’s demographic, social, economic, and housing characteristics
Population FactFinder
An interactive tool that creates demographic, social, economic, and housing profiles for neighborhoods and user-defined tract groupings
Current & Future Populations
For the city and boroughs, the latest population estimates, as well as population projections by age and sex through 2040
Visualizing NYC
Interactive maps and graphs
Reports & Presentations
Detailed analyses on selected demographic and socioeconomic issues
Geographic Reference
Reference maps, equivalencies, and notes regarding selected New York City geographies, including NTAs and Community Districts
Data Background and Archive
Background on subject matter appearing on this page, as well as archived content

Population Facts

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About Population Division

The Population Division serves as New York City government's hub of demographic expertise. It is responsible for the compilation, analysis, and dissemination of census and related federal, state, and local data for city agencies, local communities, and the media. Within the department, the Population Division provides data for local and citywide planning studies, environmental review analyses, and capital planning strategies. In addition, the division provides other city agencies with data to address questions of concern involving needs assessment, program planning and targeting, and policy formulation. This includes the development of population estimates and projections for infrastructure and capital planning, such as projections for OneNYC, the long-term sustainability plan for New York City. The division works closely with the Census Bureau in an advisory capacity on the methods of data collection and dissemination for the decennial census and other federal surveys.