Joint Interest Areas and Sources & Disclaimer

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Joint Interest Areas, a/k/a JIAs, are public parks, waterways, major governmental installations and similar land uses which are not located within bounding community districts. Examples are Central Park, Van Cortlandt Park, LaGuardia and JFK Airports.

Each JIA has a number, like a community district. The list of JIAs is below:


  • 26 -- Van Cortlandt Park
  • 27 -- Bronx Park
  • 28 -- Pelham Bay Park


  • 55 -- Prospect Park
  • 56 -- Brooklyn Gateway National Recreation Area


  • 64 -- Central Park


  • 80 -- LaGuardia Airport
  • 81 -- Flushing Meadows-Corona Park
  • 82 -- Forest Park
  • 83 -- JFK International Airport
  • 84 -- Queens Gateway National Recreation Area

Staten Island:

  • 95 -- S.I. Gateway National Recreation Area

PDF Document View information about 2010 population within the joint interest areas.


  • Population: US Census Bureau, 2010 Census, 2013 estimates; American Community Survey Estimates 2006 -2012.
  • Vital Statistics: Resident births and deaths prepared by NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, 2012
  • Income Support: NYC Human Resources Administration, Medicaid Eligibility File, 2014
  • Land Area: Total land area from the Department of City Planning's LION street and District base map files. (The numbers presented for land area may differ from those shown in previous years. This does not reflect an actual change in the land area of community districts or boroughs; it results from a standardization of the calculation of area from the DCP District files.)
  • Land Use Tables: NYC Department of Finance's Real Property File, 2014 adjusted by the Department of City Planning for condominiums and parks. Condominiums, which have separate tax lots for each unit, are aggregated to a single tax lot per block in determining counts in the appropriate residential, commercial and mixed residential/commercial categories.
  • Land Use Maps/Political District Maps: MapPLUTO V.13.1, BYTES of the Big Apple, 2013.
  • Selected Facilities:  Schools and Colleges: NYS ED, 2012-13 school year; Libraries: BPL/NYPL/QPL, FY 2013; City Parklands: NYC DPR, 2013; City Pedestrian Plazas: NYC DOT, 2013; City-State Parklands: HRPT/BBPC/RIOC/GIPEC, 2013;  State Parklands: NYS OPRHP, 2013; State Open Space Preserves: NYS DEC, 2013; Federal Parklands: NPS, 2013; Cultural Institutions: NYC DCLA, FY 2013; FDNY Facilities: FDNY, 2013; NYPD Facilities: NYPD, 2013; City Correctional Facilities: NYC DOC, 2013; City Juvenile Detention Facilities: NYC ACS/DJJ, 2013; State Juvenile Detention Facilities: NYS OCFS, 2013; State Correctional Facilities: NYS DCS, 2013; Courts: NYC DCAS, 2013; Health Facilities: NYS DOH, 2013; Chemical Dependency Services: NYS OASAS, 2013;  Mental Health Services: NYS OMH, 2013; Developmental Disabilities Services: NYS OPWDD, 2013; Day Cares: NYC DOHMH, 2013; Foster Institutions: NYC ACS, 2013; Senior Centers: NYC DFTA, 2013; Homeless Services: NYC DOH, 2013; Adult Care Facilities: NYS DOH, 2013; Food Programs: Food Bank for NYC, 2013; Airports: Gazetteer of City Property (DCAS), 2012; Heliports/Ferry Landings/Marine Terminals: NYC OEM, 2013; PANYNJ Bus Terminals: PANYNJ, 2013; MTA Bus & Paratransit Vehicle Depots: MTA/NYCT, 2013; School Bus Garages: NYC DOE, 2013; Public Parking Garages: NYC DOT, 2013; State Pubic Park and Ride Lots: NYS DOT, 2013; City Pubic Park and Ride Lots: MTA/NYCT, 2013; Subway Yards: MTA/NYCT, 2013; Metro-North Yards: MTA/Metro-North, 2013; LIRR Yards: MTA/LIRR, 2013; Amtrak Yards: Amtrak, 2013; DSNY Refuse Facilities: DSNY, 2013; Commercial Waste Carter Garages: NYC BIC, 2013; Recyclables Handling and Recovery Facilities: NYS DEC, 2013; Scrap Metal Processors: NYC DCA, 2013; Auto Dismantlers: NYS DMV, 2013, Wastewater Treatment Plants: NYC DEP, 2013
  • Capital Budget Projects: Each district profile contains a listing of line-item projects funded in the NYC Fiscal Year 2015 Adopted Capital Budget.