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Poverty Data

Datasets are available for researchers who wish to replicate or expand upon NYC Opportunity’s poverty research.

Each annual file contains a portion of the New York City portion of the American Community Survey (ACS) used to generate the NYCgov poverty measure and relevant published poverty data output.

The file is augmented with variables created by NYC Opportunity, including poverty status, thresholds and income components. ACS and NYCgov variables may be useful for analyzing poverty by demographic characteristics.

Notes on using the annual files

  • Data dictionaries are included with each file.
  • These files do not include persons in group quarters (dormitories, shelters, etc.).
  • Users should start with the “Read Me” dictionary page
  • Users are also urged to consult the data appendices to our most recent report on poverty in New York City.

Annual files are available in multiple formats on the New York City Open Data website: