Quarterly Nighttime Counts

HOME-STAT's new nighttime counts—one each in Spring, Summer and Fall—supplement the official, federally mandated winter Homeless Outreach Population Estimate (HOPE) Count to provide a more complete, year-round picture of street homelessness in the City.

The Spring 2016 quarterly count—the first comprehensive citywide quarterly count of street homelessness—took place on Monday, May 2, from midnight to 4 a.m.

In Spring 2016 there were


people observed citywide who were street homeless.

Staten Island
Select High Density Subway Stations and Trains (Citywide)


The quarterly count was conducted from midnight to 4 a.m. Visual observations were made from vehicles and on foot. Observers canvassed streets and sidewalks, end-of-line subway trains and select subway stations, select parks and other open spaces, and select transit hubs.

The quarterly count was performed primarily by the Department of Homeless Services’ (DHS) contracted street outreach providers with assistance from staff and volunteers from DHS, the Department of Parks and Recreation, the New York Police Department’s Transit Bureau and Crisis Outreach and Support Unit (formerly referred to as the Homeless Outreach Unit), the Human Resources Administration, and the Mayor’s Office of Operations.

Observers took into account the appearance, behavior, and conditions of individuals to assess whether a person might be street homeless. They recorded information on the location and observable demographics and conditions of people they assessed as street homeless. Observers did not interview or interact with individuals.


Spring 2016 Quarterly Count
Summer 2016 Quarterly Count
Fall 2016 Quarterly Count
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If you see someone in need of
homeless assistance,
call 311 or use the 311 Mobile App.

Give the exact location of the individual and time you observed them. Provide details about the person’s appearance (such as age, gender, ethnicity, clothing, physical condition), behavior, and other distinguishing characteristics.

The Department of Homeless Services’ contracted Street Outreach Teams will attempt to locate the person, based on the information you provide, within an average of 1 hour. The Street Outreach Teams will offer services such as a bed in transitional housing and assistance in gathering vital documents, applying for public benefits, and receiving permanent housing.

In case of emergency, dial 911.

Download the 311 data on NYC Open Data