What is The Women’s Financial Roundtable?

80-90% of women, at some point in their lives, will be solely responsible for all household financial decisions. Making ends meet can be difficult - even while you are working. This hour that you invest in yourself may serve you well for the rest of your life!

Why is it possible that women will have less money during retirement than men?

  • Women are typically the primary caregivers, often taking time off from their jobs to take care of family members.

  • Women have less work time that qualifies for pension benefits

  • Women frequently receive less in Social Security benefits

  • Women usually have longer life expectancies than men.

  • Women usually save less than men.

What types of topics are addressed at the Roundtable?

  • Social Security and other retirement benefits for divorced and widowed women.

  • The necessary legal documents to put in place to provide care for minor children.

  • What Medicare does and does not provide when faced with non-health related home care needs.

  • The importance of reviewing your credit report regularly.

  • Benefits offered by the City, like the Flexible Spending Accounts Program for health and dependent care expenses.

  • All about the Deferred Compensation Plan, including the NYCE IRA, and how saving on a regular and long-term basis can help provide for your retirement.

What topics can I talk about at the Roundtable?

Anything you want! It’s your hour and your future.


The Roundtable provides a forum for women to come together and learn to effectively manage their financial needs as they juggle their various roles as mother, wage earner and caregiver.

Deferred Compensation Plan’s Certified Financial Planner™ professionals will be on hand to facilitate the conversation and answer your questions, in any area of your financial life.