I Work Well

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Hear from your fellow City employees how WorkWell NYC helps them work well, live well, and be well!


Renee Campion: Bringing Meditation to Work


Alex Matskevich: Finding His Stride  Learn More



Nicole White: Bringing Your Passion to Work  Learn More



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Charles Sadler: Kicking the Habit after 24 Years  Learn More



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Gisele Assile: Taking On the Next Chapter  Learn More



Mimi Berkman: Finding Time for Fitness  Learn More



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Jimmy Sumpter: Living Healthy at Any Age  Learn More



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Sherise Porter: Staying Heart Healthy with WW  Learn More



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Eric Adams: Managing Diabetes through Diet  Learn More


Inspiration starts with you

Have you been able to reach your wellness goals with the support of WorkWell NYC programs? Do you have an extraordinary health and wellness journey to share? Email your story to workwell@olr.nyc.gov with the subject line “I Work Well”.