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FAQs - Long Term Disability Insurance (LTD)

What type of protection is offered under Long-Term Disability Insurance? View the Answer


This program protects active employees against loss of income arising out of a total or partial disability.

When am I eligible to receive LTD benefits?View the Answer


You qualify for benefits if you are under the regular care of a doctor who has deemed you disabled. 

How are "totally disabled" and "partially disabled" defined? View the Answer


Totally Disabled:  You are considered totally disabled if, due to sickness or accidental bodily injury, you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation. After 24 months of benefits, you are considered totally disabled if you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of any occupation for which you are reasonably fitted by education, training, or experience.

Partially Disabled: You are considered partially disabled if, due to sickness or accidental bodily injury, you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation on a full-time basis, but can work at your own occupation on a part-time basis or at another occupation on either a full- or part-time basis.

How much is the benefit? View the Answer


The benefit payable to a totally disabled member is 66 2/3%* of Basic Earnings paid monthly.

The monthly benefit payable to a partially disabled member is equal to the percent of pre-disability Basic Earnings lost times the benefit which would have been payable if the member were totally disabled. If, however, the partially disabled member's earnings are less than 20% of pre-disability earnings, benefits will be paid as if the member was totally disabled.

* Claimants covered under MetLife will remain at 50% of pre-disability basic monthly earnings.

If I receive other income benefits for my disability will my LTD benefit be affected? View the Answer


Your LTD Monthly Income Benefit will be offset by the amount you receive from other sources including Social Security, Workers' Compensation, and your pension plan for the same period or for the same disability.

What is the maximum LTD benefit? View the Answer


The maximum benefit payable under this program is $7,500 a month while the minimum monthly benefit is $150.

Note: $5,000 for any claims approved prior to 1/1/2024.

Are benefits payable for a disability arising from a mental, alcohol, or drug
abuse condition?View the Answer


Benefits are payable for up to 24 months per period of disability caused, at least in part, by alcoholism, drug abuse, or a mental, psychoneurotic, or personality disorder. Benefits may be extended beyond 24 months should the member be confined in a hospital.

After I am approved for LTD, how soon is the benefit payable?View the Answer


After satisfying the waiting period of six months from the time you are disabled and provided you are not actively at work and not on payroll, you are eligible to start receiving the benefits.

For how long is the benefit payable?View the Answer


Disability benefits are payable for the time period specified below or until you recover from your disability, whichever is earlier.

If you are disabled prior to age 60, long-term disability benefits are payable until you attain Normal Retirement Age, as determined by the Social Security Act. If you are disabled after age 60, disability benefits will be paid for a period ranging from one to five years depending on your age when you became disabled.

Which other benefits are available to me while I am receiving LTD benefits?View the Answer


If you are under age 60, MBF will continue your Basic Life Insurance Coverage as long you remain disabled. If you are age 60 or older, MBF will continue your Basic Life Insurance for one year; after this time you will have the opportunity to convert to an individual policy through Prudential. You are also eligible to receive Superimposed Major Medical, Dental, and Vision Care Benefits up to 29 months from the date of your disability, until your Medicare benefits commence, or until you return to work or become a retiree, whichever is earliest.

Will I continue to receive benefits while I undertake rehabilitative work?View the Answer


Yes. While undertaking rehabilitative work, you will be considered partially disabled and will be eligible to receive benefits under this provision.

Are there any cost of liviing adjustments applied to the level of LTD benefits?View the Answer


Yes. Each July 1, after 12 months of continuous benefits, a partially disabled member may be eligible to receive a cost of living increase based upon the lesser of the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index of the prior year or 10%, which will be applied to the member's pre-disability Basic Earnings for the purpose of determining LTD benefits.

What happens if I return to work and again become disabled for the same reason?View the Answer


If you return to work for less than six months and again become disabled for the same condition, benefits will be payable immediately. This does not apply if you become disabled due to a different condition or if you become covered under a different plan during the six-month period.

Does the LTD plan provide benfeits for my spouse or dependents?View the Answer


No. However, if you are disabled for six months or more, and receive benefits under this coverage, upon your death a Survivor Benefit, equal to six times the scheduled monthly benefit, will be paid in a lump sum to your surviving spouse or dependent children under age 25. If there is no surviving spouse or dependent child under age 25, no benefits will be paid.

How are pre-existing conditions treated under this program?View the Answer


A pre-existing condition is a sickness or accidental bodily injury that is diagnosed, treated, or has caused expenses to be incurred during the 90 day period immediately preceding your LTD coverage effective date. No benefits will be paid for any disability that arises during the first year of coverage and is due to a pre-existing condition.

How do I file an LTD claim?View the Answer


To obtain an LTD claim form, contact the Fund Administrative Office at (212) 306-7290; if outside New York City, call (888) 4000MBF (888-400-0623).

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