Green Buildings FAQs - Getting Help

Q: Who is charged with overseeing the implementation of LL86?

A: Executive Order 97 of 2006 charges the Mayor’s Office of Environmental Coordination (MOEC) with the “exercise of the powers and duties granted to the Mayor in connection with the implementation of the law”.  Examples of such powers and duties include the promulgation of rules, the administration of exemption requests, monitoring agency compliance, and the preparation of required annual reports.

Q: Who is responsible for implementing LL86?

A: All city agencies involved with public or private building projects that receive city funds, including those that manage and implement design and construction as well as those that budget dollars and prepare funding agreements, are responsible for determining which projects in their portfolios are subject to LL86. These agencies play a central role in implementation by providing the necessary language in affected agreements and contracts, by ensuring that all related contract requirements are enforced, and by collecting the data needed for reporting LL86 projects to the Mayor’s Office at the end of each fiscal year. Design professionals, construction managers, and contractors also play critical roles by ensuring that the design and construction of a project complies with municipal law.

Q: Who do I ask when I have a question?

A: If you have a question after reviewing all the material on this website, please contact MOEC. Remember to include a telephone number and a convenient time when you may be reached.