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Request for Research Proposals

The New York City Police Department is announcing a request for research proposals in order to advance its policies and practices using objective, evidence-based research. In an effort to streamline projects and partnerships, the below topics/themes have been selected as priorities of the department's research agenda. It is requested that proposals submitted for consideration focus on one of the following topics. Relevant aims of the research are included in the below examples:

Officer Health and Wellness
  • Assessment of the prevalence of and factors that contribute to stress and trauma in police officers. Research should investigate the current knowledge base of members of the department, measure self-reported levels of stress, and assess the availability, use, and efficacy of wellness resources.
Equity and Inclusion
  • Research the workforce cycle of the department and identify challenges and factors that contribute to early retirement, with attention to officer demographics. Identify best practices and strategies for recruitment and employee development and utilize measures of job satisfaction to inform recommendations. Research should also address the impact of mentoring and other professional development programs on the career trajectories of both civilian and uniformed members of the service in supervisory/executive ranks.
Impacts of Technology
  • Measure the effect of technological changes/enhancements on criminal justice outcomes. Research should investigate the impact of specific technologies on police-community relations and interactions, as well as prosecutorial outcomes. Measure the effect of the investment and adaptation of new technology on policing strategies, police performance and crime reduction.
Operational Enhancements and Public Safety
  • Investigate how procedural and policy changes impact public safety and police performance. Research should evaluate the implementation and adaption of new practices and assess the degree to which these policies are meeting their goals.

Applicants should review the Research Proposal Submission Instructions prior to submission. A completed Research Proposal Template must be sent to

Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis. Submissions not meeting proper criteria will not be considered. Requirements for a data protection plan will be disclosed during the draft legal agreement process.

Click here to download the Research Proposal Template.