To the Members of the New York City Police Department:

March 25, 2020

The current reality for New Yorkers, and for all of us serving them, continues to evolve - sometimes hour by hour. In your critical roles during this pandemic, you already know that fact all too well.

I will tell you that with everything going on - including caring for ourselves and our own families - it's one of my top priorities to see that every uniformed and civilian member knows exactly what the NYPD is doing on your behalf, and that you're able to take every precaution against what really is a silent enemy. Your health is paramount. If you're sick, stay home and call the Medical Division for guidance.

The most up-to-date, but rapidly-changing, information will soon reside in one place - our intranet Portal - and will include, among many other important topics:

  • Current medical guidelines for what to do if you're experiencing flu-like symptoms, including who can get tested for the coronavirus (there's a universal exposure number; no need to call the Sick Desk for one);
  • The number of MOS on sick report, including how many have tested COVID-19-positive;
  • Operational plans (right now, there are no plans to go to 12-hour tours).

We're already pulling from all corners of the department to supplement our Patrol efforts. In addition to detectives and narcotics cops, we've mobilized hundreds of members from administrative positions. They will check parks, playgrounds, and other open spaces to educate about social distancing; they will staff high-visibility posts at hospitals, supermarkets, and other essential businesses; and they will respond to radio runs when needed.

I'm so proud of all the work you're doing - whether it's police officers posted at schools for kids to pick up lunches, traffic agents expediting ambulances to get to hospitals, or cleaning crews working tirelessly around the five boroughs, I know each and every one of you remains committed to our unique mission of keeping people safe.

Make no mistake: You're on the front lines, literally leading the way for New Yorkers in terms of getting through this. There is no one better in the world than the NYPD in a crisis, and this - right here, right now - is certainly no exception.


Dermot Shea
Police Commissioner