Citywide Overall Crime Continues to Decline in February 2019

March 4, 2019

There were 736 Fewer Index Crimes in February 2019 Compared to February 2018

This February, New York City experienced 10.8% less index crime than in February 2018. Despite that reduction in overall crime, the NYPD will implement a five- point plan that takes aim at the increase in violent crime in several Patrol Boroughs throughout the City. This plan includes:

  1. Precision Deployments: Highly-focused distribution of additional uniformed personnel will occur in four initial commands based on a thorough analysis of crime conditions. These conditions will be reassessed each week and adjustments will be made accordingly.
  2. Strengthen Gun Prosecutions: Working closely with the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office on ensuring strong gun prosecutions.
  3. Expansion of CeaseFire Program: The program in which violent crime is combatted by providing interventions to known gang members will now occur in additional areas of Brooklyn and the Bronx.
  4. Launch Re-EntryStat: Re-EntryStat: will marshal the resources of parole, probation, district attorneys and other partner agencies to ensure resources are provided to individuals re-entering the community from the prison system.
  5. Domestic Violence Gun Investigations: Intensive investigations by members of the Intelligence Bureau partnered with Domestic Violence Officers in any domestic violence case involving a firearm.

"New York City has seen massive overall reductions over the years and I'm proud of the work our members on the ground do to continually focus – very precisely – on the real drivers of crime," said Police Commissioner James P. O'Neill. "Through the next iteration of Neighborhood Policing, we are bringing together fellow city agencies, elected officials and neighborhood leaders to build trust, strengthen relationships and take action together to further drive down crime and violence."

"With crime at a record low in New York City, there is still more work to do to ensure that every New Yorker feels safe in their neighborhood," said Mayor de Blasio. "I have full confidence that the NYPD will stop this recent surge in its tracks and make our City safer."

“I am committed to expanding the gains in public safety that we achieved over the last few years and to addressing any change in homicides. We will enhance cooperation with the NYPD and expand partnerships with community groups and violence interrupters, among other proactive approaches, to make sure that the historic lows are maintained. I am encouraged by the overall reduction in major crime categories and confident that the steps announced today will help us stem any pockets of violence. I am resolved to continue to keep everyone in Brooklyn safe and strengthen community trust,” said Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez.

Additional uniformed personnel will be deployed in the 34th, 43rd, 79th, and 113th Precincts. In each command, eight additional officers will be strategically deployed at high-visibility locations at critical times, based upon continuous CompStat analysis. The Strategic Response Group will also provide an additional layer of resources and visibility in these commands. The Warrants Section, working closely with the Detective Bureau, will focus efforts on apprehending top offenders and violent criminals with open warrants. Each of these commands will be evaluated on a weekly basis.

To combat an increase in homicides centered in Brooklyn, the Department will further enhance its strong working relationship with prosecutors in the office of Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez. Top NYPD executives in partnership with the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice will work collaboratively to ensure that those who illegally carry or commit crimes with firearms will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

In order to provide young people an alternative to gangs and to prevent retaliatory violence, the CeaseFire program will expand in the 60th and 70th Precincts in Brooklyn as well as Police Service Area (PSA) 1. CeaseFire will also expand to the 43rd and 48th Precincts in the Bronx.

The NYPD is also launching a new program, Re-EntryStat, which will closely monitor and analyze the resources provided to people who are re-entering their communities upon release from prison. The goal will be to ensure that they do not go on to become the victim of a crime or commit crimes.

A review of domestic incidents from the calendar year 2018 shows there were 27 shooting incidents and 19 homicides by gun. As a result, a pilot program was launched in which the Intelligence Bureau and command-level Field Intelligence and Domestic Violence Officers conduct intensive investigations in each domestic violence case where a firearm is used or access to a firearm is suspected. Thus far, 56 firearms have been recovered under this pilot program. In 2019 year-to-date, there has not been a domestic violence homicide by gun.

Key highlights from this month's crime statistics include:

  • A -10.8% reduction in index crime in February 2019 (6,056), compared to February 2018 (6,792).
  • Transit crime up 5.6% in February 2019 compared to February 2018.
  • Housing crime up 4% in February 2019 compared to February 2018.
  • Robberies, felony assaults, burglaries, grand larceny and grand larceny auto are all down -8.0%, -9.9%, -16.4%, -12.5% and -3.3% in February 2019 compared to February 2018, respectively.

Statistics on Index Crimes 2018-2019

  Feb. 2019 Feb. 2018 Change +/-% Year-to-Date 2019 Year-to-Date 2018 Change +/-%
Murder 24 16 +8 -50.0% 52 38 +14 +36.8%
Rape 133 122 +11 +9.0% 285 240 +45 +18.8%
Robbery 866
941 -75 -8.0% 1801
2,088 -287 -7.9%
1,240 1,376 -136 -9.9% 2,682 2,913 -230 -7.9%
Burglary 715 855 -140 -16.4% 1,616 1,860 -244 -13.1%
2,754 3,147 -393 -12.5% 6,085 6,543 -458 -7.0%
G.L.A. 324 335 -11 -3.3% 673 748 -75 -10.0%
TOTAL 6,056 6,792 -736 -10.8% 13,195 14,430 -1,235 -8.6%

Additional Statistics on Crimes 2017-2018

  Feb. 2019 Feb. 2018 Change +/-% Year-to-Date 2019 Year-to-Date 2018 Change +/-%
Transit 189 179 +10 +5.6% 387 378 +9 -2.4%
Housing 341 328 +13 +4% 705 729 -24 -3.3%
42 36 +6 +16.7% 93 95 -2 -2.1%

February Rape Breakdowns

Count Occurred
2 Years
3 Years
4 Years
5+ Years
2019 133 96 24 1 3 1 8
2018 122 83 17 7 1 1 13
2017 88 66 14 2 0 1 5
2016 109 79 16 4 2 1 7
2015 80 56 14 2 1 2 5
2014 89 65 12 5 3 0 4

Note: All crime statistics are preliminary and subject to further analysis, revisions, or change.