NYPD Announces Release of First Quarterly Report on Citywide Vehicle Encounters

May 20, 2022

Overall Stops for January through March Reflect the NYPD’s
Equitable Traffic Policing and Precision Crime-Fighting Approach

Today, the NYPD shared precinct-level data on police officers’ encounters with motorists across New York City during the first quarter of 2022, in accordance with the reporting requirements of an amendment to Local Law 45 passed last year.

The 176,753 recorded vehicle stops in the first three months of this year show the race of those vehicle operators to be roughly proportional to the city’s overall racial demographics.

Officers involved in the vehicle stops encountered conditions necessitating 4,222 arrests (2.4% of all traffic stops). The arrests reflect a level of intelligence-based enforcement that highlights the NYPD’s work on all fronts to battle serious crime and help create a safe and prosperous city for all New Yorkers. Arrests, as well as the 88 times (.05% of all traffic stops) officers were required to use some level of force in all recorded traffic encounters to date, occurred most frequently in areas of the city beset by crime upticks.

Police officers work to intervene and prevent crime in areas of the city where the predominance of citywide violence occurs. They do this by identifying the drivers of violence, interdicting vehicles with illegal, paper license plates, stopping speeders who show no regard for their neighbors, and focusing intently on seizing illegal guns, particularly in high-intensity narcotics-trafficking zones.

"We are proud to share data on traffic policing that is integral to our collective understanding of the good work NYPD officers do every day to improve our city, maintain safe roads and highways, and ensure consequences for those individuals who choose to break the law," said Police Commissioner Keechant L. Sewell. "We often say that traffic safety is public safety – we have no tolerance for even one criminal motorist. In a city made more vibrant by the free-flow of automobiles, a robust vehicle-safety strategy is a fundamental tool in assuring everyone’s right to safe travel. The transparency of this data helps serve that mission."

The data released today by the NYPD has been shared directly with the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York, and the Speaker of the City Council, and has been posted publicly on the Police Department’s website. Please click https://www1.nyc.gov/site/nypd/stats/reports-analysis/vehicle-stop-reports.page to view the report.