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Chief Philip Rivera

Chief of Transportation: Philip Rivera

The Transportation Bureau is responsible for the safety and security of motorists, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists on the streets and highways throughout New York City and manages traffic control. The bureau oversees the Traffic Management Center, Highway District, Traffic Operations District, and Traffic Enforcement District, in addition to several units.

Highway District officers patrol the city's highways and maintain traffic safety. They respond to vehicular accidents on the highways and conduct investigations involving collisions that result in a death. The District's Highway Units conduct sobriety tests, stop speeding motorists, and operate anti-terrorist checkpoints at key bridges and intersections. They are also used as dignitary and ceremonial escorts.

Traffic Management Center monitors traffic conditions using closed-circuit televisions, radios, and the most advanced traffic technologies available. It assists in coordinating responses to traffic incidents, often working with other city and state agencies.

Traffic Operations District designs, develops, and implements strategies to improve the flow of traffic, removes obstacles impeding traffic flow, and expedites vehicular traffic within the city. The district is also responsible for developing traffic control plans for special events and other anticipated unusual conditions that might affect the flow of traffic.

Traffic Enforcement District enforces laws and regulations involving moving and parked vehicles, including expediting the flow of traffic. It is staffed with approximately 3,300 civilian uniformed traffic enforcement agents. To locate a towed vehicle or pay a parking summons online, please visit the NYC Department of Finance.