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Firearms and Tactics Section

The Firearms & Tactics Section teaches both the functional knowledge and the mechanical skills necessary for the safe and proficient use of firearms and less lethal weaponry such as pepper spray and Tasers (Conducted Electrical Weapons). It also cultivates critical decision making and incisive tactical judgment needed to navigate the turbulent dynamics of dangerous encounters. The goal in developing foundational skills and incisive judgment is to de-escalate encounters and minimize occasions for the use of deadly force, while maximizing the safety of the community served.

All NYPD firearms training begins with recruits and continues through the in-service semi-annual qualification cycle, and specialized training. The training is conducted by an experienced, full time, instructor training staff comprised of NYPD and New York State certified instructors.

Recruit Training

Recruit officers must successfully complete fifteen days of training at the Firearms & Tactics Section. This includes five days of basic firearms instruction, and ten days of tactical training.

Specialized Training

Some of the additional training programs the Firearms & Tactics Section provides include:

Special Weapons
  • The Firearms & Tactics Section also trains select units within the Department in the use of firearms needed for specialized tasks. These include counter sniper rifles, shotguns, and M4 carbines. This training is given to members of the Emergency Services Unit, Strategic Response Group, Critical Response Command, Counter Terrorism Bureau, and other units.
Taser Certification Course
  • This course provides basic operational theory, guidelines and practical training to reasonably, safely, and effectively operate Tasers consistent with existing law, and NYPD guidelines. This has proven to be a very effective tool in de-escalating tense situations.
Advanced Tactical Leadership Course
    The purpose of the course is to use classroom instruction and discussion as well as participation in reality based scenarios, to enable newly promoted police-field supervisors to make critical decisions and take appropriate, reasonable and responsible actions to ensure the safety of all, during tense, stressful, and unpredictable police encounters.

The Firearms & Tactics Section remains a leader in the field, continually exploring the latest research, examining tactical innovations, testing novel equipment, and adapting an evolving curriculum to new insights and information.