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Police Action Litigation Section

The Police Action Litigation Section (PALS) serves as a liaison to all members of the NYPD facing litigation stemming from police action. PALS also:

  • preserves and collects all available evidence necessary to defend the Department and its members against allegations of misconduct;
  • represents and protects the law enforcement and operational interests of the Department in matters challenging institutional policies;
  • assists the New York City Law Department in the retrieval/production of discovery materials and other documents/materials needed to successfully litigate all police action cases; and,
  • trains members of the service and outside agencies on representation, indemnification, the defense of civil lawsuits and Department policies, procedures and recordkeeping.


Contact Information
Attn: Civil Section
Legal Bureau, Room 1406
One Police Plaza
New York, NY 10038
Telephone: 646-610-5400
Fax: 646-610-8395