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Protected Buildings
Protected Buildings

Numerous flood-protection measures have been installed, as part of Sandy’s recovery and resilience initiatives, to protect developments from future storm surge. Altogether, over 13,000 floodproofing components will be benefiting 194 buildings across 33 sites.

At Campos Plaza II, there are several types of flood protection. These are the following:

  1. Deployable Flood Barriers

  1. Self-Raising Flood Barriers (Raised by Flood Waters)

  1. Building Wall Reinforcement & Water Sealing

  1. Flood Rated Doors

  1. Rescue Stairs

  1. Permanent Concrete Barriers

  1. Backwater (check) Valves

  1. Flood Recovery Portable Sump Pumps & External Sump Pits for Flood Water Removal

If you see damage to any of the flood protection components, please email fpm@nycha.nyc.gov with details

ATTN: NYCHA employees, contractors, vendors, utility companies and other service personnel: Do not drill through, modify, obstruct, or impede the flood protection systems at this location

NYCHA’s Flood Protection Deployment Process 

Flood Protected Building