Health & Human Services

Health and Human Services Funding

To compete for City contracts and receive funding to provide health and human services, organizations must complete the following steps:

  1. Register for NYC.ID: Establishing an account is a two-step process that requires you first to create a NYC.ID using a valid email address and then request an account using your newly created NYC.ID credentials. You can use your NYC.ID username and password to log into multiple City systems, including PASSPort.
  2. Obtain a PASSPort Account: Organizations must have a PASSPort account to respond to all solicitations, including HHS RFPs.  Visit to create an account today and access step-by-step guidance. 
  3. Complete the PASSPort HHS Prequalification Application: An approved HHS Prequalification application is required to propose on an HHS solicitation and to receive City Council Discretionary funding. 
  4. Propose to a Request for Proposal: All solicitations, including HHS RFPs are available online through PASSPort.  An organization must have a PASSPort Account and be prequalified to submit a proposal.  For more information, visit