NeON Sports FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

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What is the NeON ℠?

The Neighborhood Opportunity Networks (NeON ℠) is community-based probation offices in seven NYC neighborhoods. There is a NeON ℠ in Brownsville, East New York, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Harlem, South Jamaica, Northern Staten Island, and the South Bronx. At the heart of the NeON ℠ is a network of individuals and organizations both public and private working together to improve public safety and promote the success of people on probation by working with them in neighborhood settings.

What is the difference between probation and parole?

Probation occurs prior to and often instead of jail or prison time, while parole is an early release from prison. In both probation and parole, the individual is supervised in the community where they reside and expected to follow certain rules and guidelines.

Do I have to be an organization to apply?

No. Individual sports professionals and organizations that are interested in implementing sports projects in community and justice settings qualify for NeON Sports ℠ funding.

What is the deadline to apply?

The deadline to apply is date: April 1, 2018

Can I apply to all the NeON℠ locations?

Yes. Please complete and submit a separate application for each NeON℠ location for which you are applying.

If I am not selected can I apply again?

Yes. For any questions about notes on your application, please contact NeON Sports

If I received a grant in a previous round, can I reapply for another round?


How much money can I request for the grant?

You may request up to $5,000.

Who is in the NeON℠ stakeholder groups?

NeON ℠ stakeholder groups are made up of individuals from local businesses, community and faith-based organizations, residents, probation staff and clients, and community leaders. All sports professionals and organizations awarded NeON Sports ℠ grants will be selected by NeON ℠ stakeholder groups from the NeON℠ to which they apply.

For Applications

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What are Meet-and-Greet presentations?

Meet-and-Greet presentations are events that take place at each NeON ℠ during which sports professionals and organizations can present their proposals and talk with NeON ℠ stakeholder groups about their applications and projects. Please check the NeON Sports ℠ website for updated Meet-Greet presentation dates.

What happens at the Meet-and-Greet presentations?

Sports professionals and organizations have up to seven minutes to present their proposals to the NeON℠ stakeholder group to which they are applying. The stakeholder groups will have an opportunity to ask questions after the presentation.

Do the sports activities have to take place at the NeON℠?

No. Sports projects can take place in the neighborhood surrounding the NeON℠ as long as it’s accessible to Department of Probation clients and community members.

Would I have to secure the location?

NeON Sports ℠ grant recipients will work with the NeON℠ stakeholder group to secure the workshop location. The NeON℠ stakeholder group may offer assistance in locating, or you may secure a nearby space accessible to participants. Application selection is not contingent on securing a space.

Who recruits the participants?

Participants are recruited from the NeON℠ and the community by the selected sports professional / organization and the NeON℠ stakeholder group. There is also a recruitment presentation scheduled at the NeON℠ where grantees will present to potential participants.

For Grantees

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Who creates recruitment materials?

The selected professional / organization is responsible for creating recruitment materials for the sports project for which they’ve been funded. Flyers and other materials should include the exact start and end date, time, location, and central sport activity.

Can I use the Department of Probation logo on our recruitment material?

No. Grantees will be provided the NeON Sports ℠ logo which should be used on all NeON Sports ℠ materials, programs and recruitment flyers.

Do participants have to be from the NeON neighborhood or borough?

Yes. NeON Sports ℠ projects engage NYC Department of Probation clients, and are also open to community members who are not under the supervision of the DOP in the specific NeON℠ community for which you are selected.

Who do I talk with at the NeON℠ about the days the program takes place?

Each NeON℠ location has a NeON℠ stakeholder group. Decisions about days of the week and times for sports activities will be decided during a mandatory planning meeting with the stakeholders once the sports professional or organization is selected.

After submitting the application, when should I expect to hear back about a decision?

Awards will be announced on May 1, 2018.

Do NeON Sports℠ participants have to be on probation?

No. NeON Sports℠ is open to probation clients and community members.