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This section contains resources for people with disabilities living in New York City. The types of resources include:

Use the links in the left-side navigation for the full list of resources. For additional help, contact MOPD.

The NYC Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities endeavors to keep the resources listed on our website as up-to-date as possible.  However, if you see a link that does not work or any other information that needs to be corrected, please email

General Disability Resources

Below are some disability resources that are not specific to any disability type or topic.

Inclusive Terminology Guide

MOPD created this guide to assist you in writing or speaking about people with disabilities in a respectful way. In this guide you can learn which terms are offensive  and which terms are appropriate to use.
Download the Disability Inclusive Terminology Guide

Disability Statistics in NYC

Did you know that there are almost one million people with disabilities in NYC? That’s around 11% of the total population of NYC. This spreadsheet contains statistics of the number of people with disabilities in NYC. It is broken down by disability type, sex, race, employment status and more.
Download the NYC Disability Statistics Spreadsheet