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The Frick Collection at Frick Madison

During the renovation of its historic buildings on East 70th Street, The Frick Collection is temporarily located at 945 Madison Avenue at 75th Street in the Marcel Breuer–designed building that originally housed the Whitney Museum of American Art. This unique presentation of highlights from the Frick’s permanent collection is called Frick Madison.

The welcoming environment of Frick Madison includes ADA–compliant entrances, restrooms, and elevators. A number of wheelchairs are available to borrow at no cost on a first-come, first-served basis. Free printed guides are offered (with a large-print version available), and visitors can enjoy an audio tour as well as other features on the Bloomberg Connects app, which was created to be used by people of all abilities. The audio player includes a transcript system, and the video player includes subtitles. Beyond that, the app was designed to take advantage of the accessibility features built into iPhone and Android devices, including zoom, voiceover, and activation.

Discounted admission is available for people with disabilities, and free admission is extended to an accompanying care partner. (Please note that identification and proof of COVID-19 vaccination are required of all visitors to Frick Madison; reservations are required for members of the general public.)

For further information on the building project, which will greatly improve ADA access throughout the historic buildings of The Frick Collection, please visit

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The Whitney Museum's Access Program

The Whitney invites visitors of all abilities to experience the richness and complexity of American art in an inclusive, welcoming environment. They have accessible entrances, restrooms, free manual wheelchair rental, large print wall labels, assistive listening systems, ASL multimedia guided tours, live interpretation, transcripts, real time captioning, verbally described tours and braille publications. Some of these services need to be requested in advance, contact the Whitney to learn more.

  • Phone: 212-570-7789
  • Email:

The Whitney Museum Accessibility Website

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met offers a variety of services and exciting programs that are tailored to meet the needs of visitors with disabilities. They have accessible entrances and restrooms, assistive listening systems, audio described touch tours, and ASL interpretation. For more information to plan your visit, contact the Met directly or visit their website.

Phone: 212-650-2010

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The Museum of Modern Art Community and Access Programs

Everyone is welcome at the MoMA. They offer a variety of free programs and services to make the MoMA accessible to you. These services include accessible entrances and restrooms, assistive listening devices, hearing loop, floor plans and special exhibition brochures available in large print and braille, and audio described tours. To plan your visit, contact the MoMA or visit their website for more information.

  • Phone: 212-408-6347
  • Email:

The MOMA Accessibility Webpage

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Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum has a wide variety of accommodations for people with disabilities. They have accessible entrances and restrooms, free manual wheelchair rental, free teleconferencing and video conferences classes, a multimedia app for verbal description of the exhibits, and large print museums guides. In addition, the admissions desk, membership and multimedia app are equipped with t-coil compatible induction loops. Assistive listening devices are available upon request for all tours, performances and lectures. ASL interpretation is provided for select Curator’s Eye and Conservator’s Eye tours. The Multimedia Guide includes videos guides of the Thannhauser Collection in American Sign Language (ASL) with open captions. For family with members on the autism spectrum, you can prepare for your visit with a social narrative guide explaining what to expect during a trip to the Guggenheim. To plan your visit, contact the Guggenheim directly or visit their website.

  • Phone: 212-423-361
  • Email:
Guggenheim Social Narrative Guide
Guggenheim Museum Accessibility Webpage

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National Museum of Immigration

The National Museum of Immigration is wheelchair accessible, and offers free manual wheelchair rental. All video programs with audio content have captioning, all exhibits with audio and video programming as well as theatres 1 and 2 have induction loop. Infrared assistive listening systems are available in theatre one as well as headsets and neck loop devices are available at the information desk. ASL interpreters can be arranged to give tours 3 weeks prior to your visit. Theater 1 is equipped to provide audio description. Park brochure is available in braille and can be requested at the information desk. Tactile models of Ellis Island and the museum floor plan are located behind the information desk.

For information about programs, services, activities, and requests regard accommodations for persons with disabilities, please contact the park by email at least 21 days in advance.

Phone: 212-363-3200

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Bronx Museum

The Bronx Museum has accessible entrances and restrooms. In addition, they provide free manual wheelchair rentals upon request.

  • Phone: 718-681-6000
  • Email:
Bronx Museum Website

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The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum Complex

The Intrepid has accessible entrances, restrooms and most areas. ASL interpreters and assistive listening devices are available upon request. Verbally described and touch tours available for individuals who are blind/low vision. Customized tours also available for individuals with autism, dementia, and developmental or learning disabilities. Many of these accommodations need to be requested in advance through either email or phone.

The Intrepid Accessibility Webpage

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Art Beyond Sight

An organization whose mission is to make art, art history and visual culture accessible to people who are blind or low vision.

589 Broadway
New York, NY 10012


Art Beyond Sight Website

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