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Programs for CUNY Students

CUNY's Commitment to Students with Disabilities

Each CUNY campus features an Office of Disability Services, managed by a director who coordinates the provision of reasonable accommodations and support services for students with disabilities. Students' needs for reasonable accommodations and support services are verified by these offices. They also provide counseling and referrals, and arrange crucial auxiliary aids and services, including assistive technology services, note takers, readers, sign language interpreter services, distance learning networks, priority registration, and alternative testing arrangements.CUNY Leads

Partnership project established to facilitate the successful academic and career outcomes for students with disabilities who are enrolled in CUNY programs.

The program provides services for eligible students which include:

  • Academic advisement
  • Career counseling
  • Resume preparation
  • Interview preparation
  • Internship preparation
  • Job seeking assistance
  • Job placement assistance
  • Advocacy skills

Directory to Disability Services at CUNY

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CUNY Assistive Technology Services (CATS)

CATS are a Team of assistive technology specialists that are located at Queensborough Community College. Our goal is to stay on the forefront of assistive technology and provide support for those technologies used by students with disabilities who attend the various CUNY campuses.

  • Phone: 718-281-5014
  • Shivan Mahabir Lead AT Specialist
  • E-mail:

CUNY Assistive Technology Services Website

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CUNY Unlimited

CUNY Unlimited is a credential program in development through a grant partnership with the University of Rochester, AHRC NYC, the NYC Department of Education, and the JFK, Jr. Institute for Worker Education.

Beginning in 2020, students accepted into the CUNY Unlimited program will be eligible to earn a CUNY Unlimited Achievement Certificate, capturing their college experience in a way that is valuable to the student, their communities, and future employers. Students will participate in CUNY classes and experience college life while developing the skills to take on meaningful and productive roles in their communities.

CUNY Unlimited Website

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Project REACH

Project REACH: Resources and Education on Autism as CUNY’s Hallmark – an Autism Initiative at City University of New York: REACH is a project developed at City University of New York (CUNY) to build capacity to better serve the growing population of college students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Since CUNY students operate within a complex web of people and structures, the program aims to educate faculty and staff about students with ASD.

More Information about Project REACH

Project REACH Campus Contacts

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LD Project

The mission of the Learning Disabilities Project is to develop students’ self-understanding of their own strengths and limitations. The Learning Disabilities Project addresses these needs by assisting students in receiving evaluations, and reviewing their learning disability assessments in a supportive and friendly environment. Furthermore, trainings for faculty and staff at CUNY are provided on a regular basis to support the continued growth of our students. The LD Project is a CUNY wide project that is housed in Hostos Community College.

CUNY LD Project Coordinator: Chris Fleming

  • Phone: 718-518-4356
  • Fax: 718-518-4433
  • E-mail:

More Information on LD Project

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Computer Center for Visually Impaired People at Baruch College

The mission of the CCVIP is to increase the freedom, independence, and productivity of people who are blind or low vision through the power of digital technology. This is accomplished through training, applied research, product testing and development, and community awareness initiatives.

151 East 25th Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10010

  • Phone: 646-312-1420
  • Fax: 646-312-1421
  • E-mail:

Computer Center for Visually Impaired People Website

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Melissa Riggio Higher Education Programs

AHRC New York City's Melissa Riggio Higher Education prepares young adults with intellectual disabilities to be competitively employed and to obtain higher earnings.

AHRC New York City's Higher Education programs are available in the following boroughs:

  • The Bronx, at Hostos Community College (CUNY)
  • Brooklyn, at Kingsborough Community College (CUNY)
  • Manhattan, Borough of Manhattan Community College (CUNY)
  • Staten Island, at The College of Staten Island (CUNY)

AHRC Contact Form for Melissa Riggio Higher Education Programs

Melissa Riggio Higher Education Programs

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