Monuments Survey

Monuments Survey

This page acts as an archive of the Monuments Survey. The survey is closed.

Your input is extremely important for ensuring our city's public spaces remain open and inclusive and will inform the Commission's advisory recommendations. Please share your thoughts about the City's public monuments and markers and share this link with other New Yorkers, so they can do the same.

We are committed to reviewing all written comments received, but the City is under no obligation to pursue any ideas, proposals, or recommendations submitted here. Please note that your submission may be provided to Commission members, published online, and/or subject to public disclosure by the City. This form will remain open until 11:59 PM on Nov 26, 2017 [OR a minimum of 30 days from the postdate].

There is a 500 character limit for all questions, unless otherwise noted.

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Does your comment relate to a specific, existing monument in NYC?
Does your comment relate to a proposal for a new monument in NYC?

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