CityFM Radio Show


ABOUT CityFM — Join us as we explore New York City's music, musicians, musical communities and cultural histories, opening listeners up to the experiences that are part of the Big Apple's rich tapestry. CityFM is a radio show and podcast about NYC's music culture, emerging artists and trends, and upcoming, not-to-be-missed events told through the lens of what's happening around the city in Summer 2019. CityFM is dedicated to hitting every borough and neighborhood, to pulling stories from, and giving a voice to, the diverse and dynamic music communities around New York. This show digs deep, serving as more than a simple resource for local music events. It exposes listeners to music communities, unique experiences, and elements of classic New York culture that people have forgotten — or never knew — about.

WHAT IS IT? A show about New York City's music and musicians that takes a closer look at:

CULTURE — Artist and event spotlights on what's happening during the Summer of 2019. Stories of diverse music scenes thriving all over the five boroughs, told through the lens of members of those communities.

COMMUNITY — Connecting the dots between neighborhoods, boroughs, eras and generations through music. Building awareness of emerging movements, and past histories. Helping listeners recognize common threads.

DISCOVERY — Making it easy for listeners to learn about, participate in, and support new local movements and under-promoted music happenings taking place all around their daily lives.

TUNE IN Every Friday at Noon (12pm) EST on WNYE - 91.5 FM June through August.