Agency Indicators 2022: Office of Administrative Trials & Hearings (OATH)

The Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH) is New York City’s central independent administrative law court, conducting approximately 300,000 administrative trials and hearings each year. The OATH Hearings Division is responsible for holding hearings on summonses that are issued by the City’s various enforcement agencies for alleged violations.

The OATH Trials Division conducts trials on more complex administrative matters, such as civil servant disciplinary cases, contract disputes, zoning issues, car seizures by the police, and human rights and discrimination cases.

OATH also offers resources and training for City and State administrative law judges and hearing officers through its Administrative Judicial Institute and provides free mediation and conflict resolution services to all City agencies and their employees through its Center for Creative Conflict Resolution.

Please select an agency below to see a breakdown of their FY22 procurement by method, by industry, and by size.


OATH - Procurement by Method
Method Count Contract Value
Amendment 6 $1,355,300
Amendment Extension 12 $467,700
Micropurchase 106 $343,100
M/WBE Noncompetitive Small Purchase 8 $548,800
Renewal 1 $23,800
Required Source or Procurement Method 2 $479,600
Sole Source
1 $20,900
Task Order 3 $268,500
OATH Total 139 $3,507,700
OATH - Procurement by Industry
Industry Count Contract Value
Construction Services 4 $2,300
Goods 87 $565,300
Professional Services 31 $794,700
Standardized Services 17 $2,145,400
OATH Total 139 $3,507,700
OATH - Procurement by Size
Size of Contract Count Contract Value
> $0 and ≤ $100 thousand 133 $1,120,500
> $100 thousand and ≤ $1 million 5 $1,079,600
> $1 million and ≤ $3 million 1 $1,307,600
OATH Total 139 $3,507,700