Agency Indicators 2022: Department of City Planning (DCP)

The Department of City Planning (DCP) promotes housing production and affordability, fosters economic development by coordinating investments in infrastructure and services, and supports resilient and sustainable communities across the five boroughs for a more equitable New York City. Under the “Housing New York: A Five-Borough, Ten Year Plan,” DCP is leading coordinated, ground-up neighborhood planning studies and advancing regulatory changes—including mandatory inclusionary housing in newly rezoned areas— to promote more economically diverse communities and housing opportunities for all New Yorkers. In addition, DCP is committed to expanding public access to planning resources including land use, housing, and population data through its online Community Portal, and supports New Yorkers’ informed participation in neighborhood planning and land use review processes.

Please select an agency below to see a breakdown of their FY22 procurement by method, by industry, and by size.


DCP - Procurement by Method
Method Count Contract Value
Amendment 1 $55,500
Intergovernmental 5
M/WBE Noncompetitive Small Purchase Method
Micropurchase 90
Required Source or Procurement Method 2
Small Purchase 39 $202,300
Task Order 6
DCP Total 144
DCP - Procurement by Industry
Industry Count Contract Value
Construction Services 2
Goods 110 $2,652,300
Professional Services 15 $432,300
Standardized Services 17
DCP Total 144
DCP - Procurement by Size
Size of Contract Count Contract Value
> $0 and ≤ $100 thousand 142
> $100 thousand and ≤ $1 million  1 $120,000
> $1 million and ≤ $3 million 1
DCP Total 144