Love NYC Landmarks

New York City is the greatest city for many reasons, including its strength, resiliency and creativity. Evidence of these traits can be found in all of our NYC Landmarks. On March 30, 2020, LPC launched an initiative to celebrate New York City, providing engaging online content about the historic buildings and neighborhoods that make New York a vibrant, beautiful and resilient city. Through our #LoveNYCLandmarks initiative, LPC will share articles, photos, story maps, neighborhood tours, trivia/quizzes, and games and activities for kids and adults in an effort to engage New Yorkers in a joyful discourse about the City’s history and culture, foster civic pride and strengthen our connections to the places we love.

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See highlights of our #LoveNYCLandmarks initiative below


Recognizing Juneteenth

Remembering the Christopher Street Liberation Day March on its 50th Anniversary

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LPC Launches #LoveNYCLandmarks Initiative to Celebrate New York City

Story Maps and Virtual Neighborhood Tours

Fifty-five Years of LPC

Explore the Central Harlem –West 130th-132nd Streets Historic District

Crown Heights Walking Tour


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Interactive Learning Tools

Learn About New York City's African-American History

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Activities for Kids (and adults too)

Excavate a Cookie like an Archaeologist

Piecing Together the Past

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