Expedited Reviews

FasTrack Service

All LPC permit applications are now filed and processed through Portico, the agency’s new web-based permit application portal. Portico will automatically determine whether your application qualifies for FasTrack.

Below are the types of work that qualify for FasTrack service, as well as tips for keeping your application on track.

Please note that to receive a permit within 10 days, you must submit a complete application with all relevant descriptive materials to LPC through Portico. Projects involving more than one of the work types listed below may still qualify for FasTrack through a single application submitted through Portico:

  • Interior alterations
  • Notices of Compliance (sign-offs) for interior work for the Department of Buildings (DOB)
  • Reviews of ‘as built’ drawings for DOB applications for Certificates of Occupancy, Place of Assembly permits, or applications where no work is proposed
  • Minor restorative work on non-visible facades or roofs
  • Replacement of windows/doors on non-visible secondary facades
  • Modification of window/door openings on non-visible secondary facades
  • Installation of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and other mechanical equipment on non-visible rooftops and rear yards
  • Installation of through-wall HVAC equipment on non-visible secondary facades
  • Installation of through-window HVAC equipment on non-visible secondary facades
  • Installation of wall-mounted HVAC units on non-visible secondary facades
  • Installation of non-visible rooftop and rear yard decks and railings
  • Replacement of concrete sidewalks or installation of utilities below grade
  • Temporary installations (temporary signs, artwork, banners, kiosks, etc.)
  • Installation of unenclosed sidewalk cafés

Tips for Keeping Your Application on the FasTrack

Incomplete or incorrect applications take longer to review. To keep your project on the FasTrack, and ensure a successful experience, make sure to upload all the required materials in the correct formats when you submit your application in Portico. Click here to download a checklist of required materials for FasTrack applications.

You can view the status of your application at every stage of the process by logging into your Portico dashboard. Once issued, all permits will be available for download through Portico.