Amendments to Existing Permits

A valid, existing LPC permit can be amended to reflect certain changes and to extend or even reinstate a permit. Staff can approve amendments to a Commission-approved or staff-approved permit if the work meets the LPC Rules and/or is found to be in keeping with the intent of the original approval, and/or has no effect on significant protected architectural features. If the changes to the approved work are significant, they may need to be reviewed at the Commission level instead of the staff level. Permit for interior alterations only cannot be amended.

To request an amendment, please submit the following:

  • Post-Approval Application Form properly filled out and signed
  • Associated color photos and mockups
  • Associated written specifications
  • Two sets of revised signed/sealed Department of Buildings filing drawings (if applicable)

To request an extension of an expiring LPC permit, please submit the following at least sixty (60) days before the expiration date shown on the permit:

  • A copy of a valid Department of Buildings permit for the work approved by the LPC permit
  • A copy of a signed contract which specifies that the work approved by the permit has started

Submit the form and all corresponding materials by email to

Please do not send requests directly to any LPC staff member.