Boldest Boxing

Boldest Boxing

The New York City Department of Correction “Boldest Boxing” team was founded in 2010 by Captain C. Matthews of the Departments Emergency Service Unit, along with Correction Officer B. Grant of the Brooklyn Detention Center. Since its inception, the Boldest Boxing team has fought in various charity events, competing against other city agencies benefitting a slue of charities such as Autism Awareness, Breast Cancer Society and Toys for Tots.

Captain Matthews was the first boxer to represent NYCD in the 2010 championship event at Madison Square Garden.  This boxing match established NYCD’s Boldest Boxing team being recognized alongside NYPD’s Fighting Finest and FDNY’s Bravest Boxing.  Since this event, the Department has participated in the Annual November “Battle of the Badges” charity boxing event.

The Boldest Boxing team has traveled to compete in various shows around the world.  Boldest Boxers have been showcased in countries such as England, Scotland, Ireland and Puerto Rico.

Boxing is a passion and an outlet we are able to utilize in assisting to relieve everyday stress.  Training keeps us healthy in a regiment of various workouts. Our boxing program not only caters to our teams fighters, but we also encourage all staff and their families to come out and get a good cardio workout, focusing on health and fitness in order to live happier and healthier lives.

In our training, we push to build confidence in our fighters.  This confidence ensures they are be able to stand alone in the Ring and compete with some of the top city agencies athletes.

In the Ring, we strive to represent the Department in a positive competitive nature which can bring pride to not only ourselves, but our fellow Correction Family.

The Boldest Boxing program has also been working closely with the Community to help our inner city youth stay off of the streets and out of gangs. We are currently working with two organizations, mentoring youth through Boxing.