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Fighting LGBTQI Food Insecurity

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According to the 2015 New York State LGBT Health and Human Needs survey, two in five LGBT people in New York reported being food insecure. Food insecurity means not having enough to eat or knowing where your next meal is going to come from. In addition, many LGBTQI people experience homelessness for a variety of reasons, including conflict with their families and challenges finding a job due to discrimination. Food insecurity and homelessness unfortunately go hand in hand.

A recent DSS campaign highlighted the issue of food insecurity in the LGBTQI community, and that SNAP benefits are here to help and easy to apply for. With ACCESS HRA, you can apply right from your computer or mobile phone! There’s no longer any need to visit a SNAP center in person. You can apply from wherever you feel most comfortable.

Go online to, or download the ACCESS HRA mobile app, and log in or create an account. The ACCESS HRA website is easy to use on your phone and interacts seamlessly with the mobile app.