Landlord Ambassador Program

Landlord Ambassador Program

Program Overview

The Landlord Ambassador Program is a demonstration program created to stabilize the physical and financial health of small- and medium-sized multifamily buildings in New York City. The program helps owners implement best building management practices and navigate the process of applying for HPD financing.

Direct technical assistance services are provided to property owners by the Landlord Ambassador - MHANY Management, Inc – a not-for-profit organization that owns, manages and develops affordable housing. The technical assistance services are provided to the owner free of charge.

HPD held an Information Session about the Landlord Ambassador Program on August 12, 2020. Watch the video recording or view the presentation to learn about the program in more detail.


The following services are provided as part of the Landlord Ambassador Program:

Technical Assistance

  • Inspect properties and assess building conditions
  • Create stabilization plans to address emergency/immediate conditions (i.e. emergency boiler replacements, entering into DEP/DOF payment plans, etc.), as well as plan for long-term physical, financial and operational stability
  • Provide referrals to qualified third parties as needed (general contractors, architects/engineers, attorneys, etc.)
  • Provide training in multifamily building best practices

Vacant Unit Repair Assistance

  • Identify vacant units in buildings
  • Work with pre-qualified general contractors to create repair scopes of work in vacant units in disrepair/unleasable condition
  • Pay for the repair scope of work
  • Identify eligible households for lease up in newly repaired vacant units

Low-Interest Flexible Financing

  • Up to $50,000 per project to complete emergency repairs or pay down municipal arrears
  • 5-year term, 3% interest per year
  • Must be enrolled in the Landlord Ambassador Program
  • Funding delivered by HPD partner Habitat for Humanity NYC

Active participants in the Landlord Ambassador Program may also be eligible for low-interest loans and/or grants for building repairs and/or tax exemptions to satisfy critical financial obligations.


If you are interested in working with a Landlord Ambassador, please reach out to:

Shantanu Dew (he/him)
Project Associate
MHANY Management Inc.
470 Vanderbilt Avenue, 9th Fl.
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Phone: 718-246-8080 x232 

If you have questions about the demonstration program or updates on a continued Landlord Ambassador Program, please reach out to

Participant Story

image of a luther
Luther, Bronx property owner

Luther inherited a 6-unit property in the Bronx that had accumulated property violations and water, sewer & property tax arears. He lacked the capital to enter into payment agreements to pay back these arrears. Through the Landlord Ambassador Program, he was able to clear violations, address property arrears and hire a property manager who has helped make repairs in the building & address maintenance issues as they arise. Now that his property is stable, he can plan for major improvements.