Green Communities Trainings

Green Communities Training

Green Communities Training is a prerequisite to the certification process for the 2020 NYC Overlay of the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria and is required for projects pursuing LEED Certification.

Beginning in late fall of 2021, there will be two training modules available: Healthy Homes NYC and Climate Ready Buildings. Building Owners, architects, and contractors will be expected to alternate trainings (e.g. upon expiration of one certificate, the participant should attend the other training). Certifications will be provided upon completion of the training and must be submitted for EGCC PreBuild Authorization. Certifications will be provided by MOS and DOHMH and will be valid for 2 years from receipt (this includes existing Healthy Homes certificates). It is strongly recommended that project teams register for and complete these sessions early in the design process, as sessions fill up quickly.

Climate Ready Buildings

Climate Ready Buildings is a free, online training developed by HPD in partnership with the NYC Accelerator and the Building Energy Exchange for HPD-financed projects. This training will help building owners, designers and builders understand NYC’s climate laws and HPD’s new design requirements, and will demonstrate strategies for high-performance, resilient, and healthy affordable housing. The training will cover building electrification, Passive House principles, NYC’s Climate Resiliency Design Guidelines (the CRDG), and Integrated Design Practices (IDP). In addition, the training includes a compelling case study about one of HPD’s most innovative Climate Ready buildings built to date.

To register for a traing, visit Climate Ready Buildings Training.

Healthy Homes NYC

Healthy Homes NYC is a free three-hour seminar developed by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) for HPD-financed projects. It is offered on a quarterly basis and is intended for architects, general contractors, and building owners/developers. The training focuses on integration of healthy building practices during building design, construction and renovation, and during ongoing building operations and maintenance. The primary topics covered are:

  • Integrated pest management
  • Healthy aging / Falls prevention
  • Healthy building materials

To register for a training, visit DOHMH's Healthy Homes NYC Trainings