Building and Land Development Services

Building and Land Development Services

The Division of Building and Land Development Services (BLDS), within the Office of Development, provides an array of technical services, including architectural, engineering, environmental, and construction support services, as well as interagency coordination, for HPD-assisted new construction and preservation projects. BLDS assists projects from the pre-construction phase through the post-construction close-out period, with the goal of ensuring that HPD programs produce quality affordable housing in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Pre-Closing Services

Design Consultation

A Design Consultation provides an opportunity for the architect and/or engineer to meet with BLDS review staff, HPD’s Sustainability team, and HPD Program staff to discuss project designs/scopes and related questions, prior to submission for a Design or Scope Review.

Design Review

A Design Review of the project’s proposed architectural, engineering, accessibility (Section 504), and other supporting documents ensures that HPD-assisted New Construction and Substantial/Gut Rehab projects follow the minimum standards set by the HPD Design Guidelines for New Construction and for Preservation.

Scope Review & In-House Scoping

Moderate Rehab projects must develop Scopes of Work based on IPNAs, site inspections, and following the HPD Design Guidelines for Preservation. Projects are generally expected to have an architect/engineer to develop the Scope of Work, to be reviewed and approved by HPD. For projects without an architect/engineer, BLDS will provide this scoping service directly.

Engineering Review

An Engineering Review covers MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) and Structural reviews, and applies to some Sub/Gut Rehab projects. Projects should follow the HPD Standard Specifications for Rehabilitation Projects 

Environmental Review

An Environmental Review assesses the potential impact of projects on the natural and built environments, as well as on the health and safety of future residents. The level and type of review varies by project.


eBLDS is an electronic document submission and review system, used for the above review services. It combines and leverages the capabilities of several digital platforms (SharePoint,, Bluebeam Revu, and Microsoft Outlook) into a single, streamlined review process.

Through the integrated use of these tools, external partners—including sponsors, developers, owners, and architects/engineers—can electronically submit and retrieve drawings and documents for review and approval prior to project loan closing.* To increase transparency throughout the review process, partners receive automated email notifications for each status change and milestone.

*Note: External partners must coordinate with their HPD Project Manager to initiate the submission process through eBLDS; please refer to submission checklists and the eBLDS Review Submission Guide linked below for further details. 

Post-Closing Services

Construction Monitoring

For projects requiring BLDS Construction Monitoring, the HPD Project Manager will coordinate with BLDS to schedule a construction “kick-off” meeting upon project loan closing. Prior to the meeting, the project Development Team is expected to provide all required items according to the Construction Monitoring Checklist to their HPD Project Manager. (Note: a copy of the Checklist is below, for reference only.)  

The meeting is an opportunity for HPD and the project Development Team to review construction and close-out/conversion processes and requirements. The meeting may be held in-person at 100 Gold Street, or virtually.

Post-Construction Reviews & Inspections

Upon construction completion, projects with a Land Disposition Agreement (LDA) will undergo an LDA review and inspection, which is a prerequisite to loan conversion. Projects in the Inclusionary Housing Program will undergo a post-construction plan review prior to the issuance of the HPD Completion Notice. 


New Construction Checklists and Documents

Preservation Checklists and Documents

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