Bay Street Corridor, Staten Island

Bay Street Corridor, Staten Island

The Bay Street Corridor Housing Plan, released in 2018, summarizes the goals, strategies, and actions that the City proposes to undertake in response to a range of needs and priorities identified by North Shore residents during a multi-year planning process. It is part of the Bay Street Corridor Neighborhood Plan, which seeks to connect the existing mixed-use town centers of Saint George, Tompkinsville, and Stapleton by creating a walkable neighborhood with opportunities for housing, businesses, and jobs with access to existing public transportation.

The Process

To develop the Plan, City agencies held numerous workshops and visioning sessions to hear the needs and priorities of the North Shore community. Through this process, community members developed a series of goals for the North Shore, including opportunities for affordable housing and infrastructure improvements.

The guiding principles of the overall Bay Street Corridor Neighborhood Plan are:

  • Create a vibrant, resilient downtown environment
  • Support the creation of new housing for a broad spectrum of North Shore needs
  • Support new and existing businesses and new commercial development
  • Align investment in infrastructure, public open spaces, and services

Draft Housing Plan

Draft Bay Street Housing Plan Cover

The Draft Bay Street Corridor Housing Plan aims to build on the goals laid out by local stakeholders to provide greater affordability and economic opportunity in the North Shore. 

Its four central goals are to:

  • Preserve existing affordable housing
  • Develop new affordable housing
  • Increase access to affordable housing
  • Promote economic opportunity

Visit the Department of City Planning Bay Street Corridor webpage for information about the final approved rezoning, neighborhood strategies, and planned investments.