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Temporary Relocation FAQ

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What is Temporary Relocation Assistance?

Beginning in April 2015, Build It Back will offer financial assistance for housing costs to homeowners who must temporarily vacate their properties due to Build It Back construction.

Who will be eligible for relocation assistance?

Relocation assistance will be made available to all Program-eligible homeowners who must be relocated as a result of Build It Back construction for greater than 30 days. Applicant must have occupied the home as their primary residence to receive the benefit.

Assistance will only be provided for costs incurred during the period of relocation during Build It Back construction. Please note that not all construction activities require an applicant to relocate. Applicants should speak with a Build It Back representative after they have selected an option and completed processing their application to determine their eligibility for assistance.

How much assistance will I be able to receive?

Please note that the assistance you receive will take into account any other remaining temporary housing benefits you received previously or will receive. This includes private insurance and FEMA benefits. If you incurred additional temporary housing expenses prior to the start of relocation that have not yet been reported to the Program, please speak with a Build It Back Counselor about the F19 - Temporary Housing Expense Update form.

Relocation assistance will be limited to a daily maximum payment, tied to federally-established fair market rents for New York City. Here are the current maximum daily payment amounts:

Temporary Relocation Assistance Benefit Cap


Household Size

1 person household

2 person household

3 person household

4 person household

5+ person household

Daily Maximum






What will I need to do in order to receive relocation assistance?

There are three sets of documents needed to receive relocation assistance:

  1. A completed F20 - Temporary Relocation Assistance Claim form; and
  2. Proof of rental, such as a bill from a landlord or a lease; and .
  3. Proof of payment, such as receipts showing full payment of housing costs, or hotel/motel bill with a zero balance.

You may only submit one claim form per month. Alternatively, you may wait until the end of the relocation
period and submit a claim form for all rental costs incurred.

How will I know when I have to relocate from my home?

Build It Back and your contractor / developer will let you know the date that you are required to relocate from
your home. This will depend on your program pathway and the scope of the construction needed:

  1. Elevation: Generally, the start of relocation will be the date confirmed with the applicant shortly after the signing of the Grant Agreement.
  2. Rebuild: Generally, the start of relocation will be the day an applicant signs their Grant Agreement.
  3. Moderate Rehabilitation: The start of relocation will vary based on the scope of work.

Build It Back may also determine that relocation is required earlier than any of these dates if the home cannot be safely occupied prior to the start of construction. Please note that not all construction activities require an applicant to relocate, so applicants should speak with a Build It Back representative to figure out if they are eligible for assistance.

When can I begin receiving assistance?

Build It Back starts counting TRA benefits from the day it determines the applicant must relocate (see above). As soon as you incur an expense, you may submit a TRA claims form to process any reimbursable rental costs. You will be eligible for assistance up until the date the home may be reoccupied after the completion of your construction.

If you are required to relocate for 30 days or less, then you will not be eligible for assistance.

How will I know the duration of relocation?

Build It Back representatives will let you know prior to construction how long you are expected to be relocated. This will only be an estimate. The required relocation duration may be longer or shorter than initially anticipated. Applicants should remain in contact with Build It Back to see if their duration of relocation has adjusted.

What if I am mid-lease when I can reoccupy my home?

Build It Back recognizes that for many leases, an applicant must provide their landlord with notice that they decide to end the lease. In these cases, we may provide assistance for up to 30 days beyond the final date that the program determines that the applicant can move back into their home. Applicants will be required to provide documentation demonstrating that this notice period is required and must provide proof of payment for the extra days out of the home.

I am currently displaced by Build It Back construction. Am I eligible?

If you were required to relocate due to BIB construction prior to the launch of TRA and you were relocated for greater than 30 days, Build It Back may be able to reimburse you for already incurred expenses. You should submit a TRA Claims form with the appropriate documents for review and processing.

When will I receive my payment?

Build It Back does not make advanced payment to homeowners, but will only reimburse once all appropriate documentation has been submitted and certified.

What costs are not reimbursable under the program?

The following types of rental-related expenses are not reimbursable:

  1. Charges for incidental items such as meals, food, beverages, alcohol, entertainment, parking spaces, telephone calls or Internet access must be shown separately and such expenses are not reimbursable.
  2. Fees (including brokers’ fees), deposits, pet deposits, pet boarding fees or other associated costs are not reimbursable.

Households may be not be reimbursed for utilities (electricity, water, gas) that are not included in the cost of the rental and the Program will not accept utility payment receipts.

What kind of lease should I enter into?

Build It Back advises homeowners to seek month-to-month leases for maximum flexibility in moving into and out of their home. Build It Back encourages applicants to remain in contact with their contractor / developer throughout construction to inform their decision to renew a lease.

If I take out a loan to cover my rental payments while I’m out of my home due to Build It Back work, will I be able to receive relocation assistance?

Yes, Build it Back will be able to pay you for eligible rental expenses that you incurred by taking out a private loan given to you by a third party, including a non-profit organization. You must agree to repay the full amount of the loan plus any applicable interest. Interest fees associated with the loan are not reimbursable by Build It Back.

What requirements exist for those who have received Temporary Relocation Assistance?

Temporary Relocation Assistance is incorporated into your overall grant award and subject to any limitations imposed by the grant. Please see the Grant Agreement for further details.